Saturday, 15 June 2013

South Sudan: unlawful arrests, detention catastrophic conditions

Only speedy reforms can end plight of prisoners

Inmates at a prison in Bentiu, Unity State. In November 2011, 93% of the prison population were male, 30% were in custody.

South Sudan: Unlawful Detention and Dire Conditions
"What do prisoners in South Sudan reveals serious problems in the nascent justice system. South Sudan is a new country. He desperately needs a functioning legal system that protects human rights and the dignity of the individual. This is the basis for the rule of law and accountability. "
Daniel Bekele, director of the Africa division of Human Rights Watch
(Juba) - Unfair trials, unlawful imprisonment and catastrophic conditions in South Sudan prisons show that the young state urgently needs to reform its justice system, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Unlawful arrest: Investigations canceled

Frankfurt / Main (DAPD-hes). The unlawful arrest of environmental activists Cecile Lecomte half years ago in Giessen has no criminal consequences for the police involved. The investigation was set for information of "Company Info" as the radio station in Frankfurt / Main announced. The charge of false imprisonment can not be maintained because the police would not have known that they were acting illegally, the Giessen prosecutor is quoted.

Unlawful arrest - Please help in the case of Frank Droyk

22, To read in September, 2011 by Honigmann
The German Office for Human Rights
asks for help!

Frank Droyk, Kromlauer Weg 5, 02953 Gablenzgasse member of the ECB (European Central citizens) got by the consortium (also: Job Centre) alleged to have illegally obtained money.
For this purpose he has spoken correctly. The consortium did not agree and now complains against him.