Monday, 15 October 2012

Unlawful arrest Bergstedts employs Diet

Giessen (MOE). The unlawful arrest of political activists Reiskirchener Joerg Bergstedt in the summer of 2006 in Giessen employs the state legislature. After release of the SPD parliamentary deputies Nancy Faeser there since the beginning of October a report request of their party in the matter, which has not yet been answered. Faeser criticized the "Reluctance," the Interior Ministry in investigating the backgrounds of that police action.
Flashback: The founder of Saasener project workshop was on the night of the 14th May of 2006 was arrested as he was bicycling home from casting to Saasen. The police made him responsible for graffiti on a house and property damage the CDU district office in Spenerweg. And because he assumed that he would commit further offenses, he stayed four days in Vorbeugegewahrsam. It later emerged: Bergstedt it could not have been, because of the self-styled professional revolutionary played simultaneously with a like-minded badminton before the district court at the Ostanlage and cycled after them Saasen direction. Documented,
the steps of the "fun guerrilla" that night because a mobile police squad that cares otherwise rather serious criminals like kidnappers, Bergstedt and Co. under surveillance. Against his detention, which confirmed the Giessen district court a few days later, Bergstedt appealed to the higher court a notice of appeal - and succeeded. The decision of the Court of Appeal to declare the detention unlawful made in June 2007 for a stir because the OLG - with reference to the practice in the Third Reich - warned against misuse of the Hessian Police Act enshrined eliminate detention toward a protective custody.

The case remained nationwide long time unnoticed. Not until the end of August this year, after the "Frankfurter Rundschau" (FR) immediately prior to the election of Interior Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) as prime minister full-page "under the heading enemies for life," a man's enmity between the Minister of casting and political activists from Saasen recorded while on a "remarkably little attention scandal," wrote the opposition in Parliament was noisy, especially since the report gave the impression that Bouffier could have directly influenced the police action in that summer night in 2006.

The Interior Committee of the Parliament was concerned then because of the FR-reporting on 26 August with the case of "Mr. B," as the Green MEP Jürgen Frömmrich by the then Secretary of State Boris Rhein and the then national police chief Norbert Nedela information sought.

His time warned the Giessen FDP member of parliament Wolfgang Greilich the opposition before a siding Bergstedt. Greilich said, according to the minutes: "I recommend very collegial strong reticence in addressing this case, Mr B., who also now quite - it was the Minister of the Interior to do obviously anything, he was not even close - to legally been sentenced to a term of imprisonment, is because he had done serious damage to property. I recommend caution with the case. Sometime this fall back on, which means he must bring those issues up. "

Frömmrich replied that he knew the person and its environment very well classified, but it is a matter that will be in those cases acted "in accordance with constitutional considerations must." Someone wrongfully imprisoning four days was, finally, "no trifle."

In its press release last Thursday says the SPD representative Faeser of a "precarious situation" and immediately requested a "full investigation" by the new interior minister Rhine. Faeser: "In the interest of the police effort must be made to avoid the impression that the reasons for apparent illegal conduct veiled in the police or to be elucidated," because so far, have the police headquarters Mittelhessen can not explain how to detention. I can get, even though the police had to have known that the detainee that his alleged actions could not have committed.

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