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l Court alleging unlawful arrests in Bavaria

"No urgent suspicion"
Federal Constitutional Court alleging unlawful detention in Bavaria

Dismissed after trial detainees have a decision by the Federal
Constitutional Court's right to effective legal protection. You could
leave it later in court, whether suffered by the pre-trial detention
"unlawful from the beginning" was, says the decision published on
Wednesday. Those who deny them such a determination, violates the
fundamental right of freedom into which the pre-trial detention
engaging "serious".

The Karlsruhe judges gave instead of the constitutional complaint of a
man who initially suspected of forming a criminal organization and
therefore from 31 Taken in October 2003 was in custody. In his
complaint, the Bavarian State Supreme Court overturned some six months
later on 27 April 2004, the unlawful arrest warrant on the grounds
that there had been no urgent suspicion. Then he was released from

The man applied to the determination that the warrant has been at the
time of its adoption was illegal. The Bavarian Higher Regional Court
stated only that the warrant at the time of filing an appeal against
detention of 20 February 2004 was unlawful. A "complete control" of
the conditions for the warrant was not necessary.

The Federal Constitutional Court saw it as no effective legal
protection and emphasized the "rehabilitation of interest" of the
plaintiff. The matter was referred back to the Bavarian Higher
Regional Court.

"Unlawful arrests" for refugee minors

Frankfurt Airport
"Unlawful detention" for refugee minors

Airport Frankfurt hub for travelers Enstation for refugee minors
400 children and young people should have been in the past five years
detained without valid papers at Frankfurt airport. Attorneys and aid
agencies are sounding the alarm.

"This is an illegal detention for children," criticized the lawyer
specializing in refugee law, Ursula Schlung-Muntau, in the
"Frankfurter Rundschau" on Saturday. She claimed that the young
refugees would have to be from social services care and placed in
homes. "I observe a disregard of the particular vulnerability of
minors at all levels, "said the lawyer.

No care, no clothing, no education

So it was particularly dramatic that there is no support in the
refugee camp and no offers for young people. "This is a pure custody.
There was one boy who was sitting there for three months in jail and
no one has talked to him. No one had given him clothes. "Even the
compulsory school attendance does not apply, because the kids were on
formal accommodation in the extraterritorial area.

The organization Pro Asylum, criticized the actions of the authorities
is contrary to the current EU Directive of 2003. Apart from Sweden,
Portugal and Germany, all countries have implemented the directive.
Last year at Frankfurt airport even ten refugees aged under 14 were
detained. The airport procedure and the prison-like building, 587 were
"unsuitable for young people," prosecutor Helmut criticized baker. "I
ask that minors will be allowed entry."

Verdict in genocide process

Ethiopia's former dictator faces the death penalty

After a twelve-year process Marathon Ethiopia's former dictator
Mengistu Haile Mariam of genocide by an Ethiopian court has convicted.
The problem: the tyrant lives in exile.

Addis Ababa - genocide, murder, crimes against humanity, illegal
arrest, unlawful expropriation: Mengistu, 69, was in absentia after
twelve years he was accused found guilty on all points. The court
initially declined to proclaim to the punishment. However, it is
expected the death penalty. Whether this can ever be enforced is
questionable. Because Mengistu lives in exile in Zimbabwe and so far
remained ineffective after all Ethiopian demands extradition of the

Ethiopian ex-dictator Mengistu: Guilty on all points
Mengistu fled in 1991 when rebels from Ethiopia to Zimbabwe.
Meanwhile, President Robert Mugabe refuses to extradite the mass
murderer guilty spoken. Mengistu and Mugabe maintain close contact,
since the former Ethiopian dictator helped in the formation of
Zimbabwe's guerrilla fighters.

The sentencing is still interpreted as a success. Against many former
dictators were human rights and genocide processes in the past will
not be completed. Examples include the late former head of state
Augusto Pinochet and Slobodan Milosevic.

Along with eleven other defendants were sentenced Mengistu. Ethiopia
has worked with the procedure, the 17-year reign of Mengistu Haile
Mariam phase. This had overthrown in 1974 together with other officers
of the Emperor Haile Selassie. Three years later he took over the
leadership of the state, which he wanted to impose a socialist system.
During his ascent went Mengistu before ruthless: his two predecessors
at the top of the 1977 formed "Provisional Military Administrative"
shot the ex-dictator.

The subsequent state terrorism are solely in the Ethiopian capital
Addis Ababa 5,000 people have fallen victim to. While the people
starved, Mengistu himself contributed one of the largest armies in
Africa. Ideologically and financially, he was supported by the Soviet
Union. Shortly after the collapse of Mengistu also being chased out of
the country: 1991 takes over the incumbent Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
to power.

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