Saturday, 15 June 2013

Unlawful arrest: Investigations canceled

Frankfurt / Main (DAPD-hes). The unlawful arrest of environmental activists Cecile Lecomte half years ago in Giessen has no criminal consequences for the police involved. The investigation was set for information of "Company Info" as the radio station in Frankfurt / Main announced. The charge of false imprisonment can not be maintained because the police would not have known that they were acting illegally, the Giessen prosecutor is quoted.

Lecomte was climbing up on the facade of the District Court Giessen in July 2009 and had chalked a slogan against genetic engineering on the wall. She was then arrested and had to spend a night in the cell. In contrast, Lecomte had complained before the appellate court. The judges had ruled in 2010 that the detention was unlawful.

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