Monday, 15 October 2012

Unlawful arrest Bergstedts employs Diet

Giessen (MOE). The unlawful arrest of political activists Reiskirchener Joerg Bergstedt in the summer of 2006 in Giessen employs the state legislature. After release of the SPD parliamentary deputies Nancy Faeser there since the beginning of October a report request of their party in the matter, which has not yet been answered. Faeser criticized the "Reluctance," the Interior Ministry in investigating the backgrounds of that police action.
Flashback: The founder of Saasener project workshop was on the night of the 14th May of 2006 was arrested as he was bicycling home from casting to Saasen. The police made him responsible for graffiti on a house and property damage the CDU district office in Spenerweg. And because he assumed that he would commit further offenses, he stayed four days in Vorbeugegewahrsam. It later emerged: Bergstedt it could not have been, because of the self-styled professional revolutionary played simultaneously with a like-minded badminton before the district court at the Ostanlage and cycled after them Saasen direction. Documented,

Frank Droyk unlawful arrest case

Unlawful arrest - request for help in the case of Frank Droyk

The German Human Rights Office
asks for your help!
Frank Droyk, Kromlauer Weg 5, 02953 Gablenz member ZEB (Central European citizens), received by the consortium (also: job center) to have the charge related illegal money.
For this purpose he has spoken correctly. The consortium did not agree and now complains against him.

The district court set a trial white water in September 2011.
Frank Droyk delivered on 11.08.2011 a PSE (declaration of marital status), the writing of the membership of the ZEB, and the BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) attached document and the legal capacity required to evidence of Mr. Ralf Rehm judge at the district court.

Unlawful arrest: investigation set

 The unlawful arrest of environmental activists Cecile Lecomte half years ago in Giessen for the police officers involved no criminal penalties. The investigation was set according to information from "HR info" as the radio station in Frankfurt / Main announced. The charge of false imprisonment can not be maintained because the police would not have known that they were acting unlawfully, the prosecutor cited Giessen.

Lecomte had climbed in July 2009 on the facade of the Landgericht Gießen and had chalked a slogan against GMOs on the wall. Then she was arrested and had to spend a night in the cell. However Lecomte had filed before the appellate court. The judges decided in 2010 that the arrest was unlawful.

unlawful arrest of Meinl? suit fails

Meinl fails in suit against referees

Meinl Bank has failed in its action for damages against the appraiser Thomas Havranek, the former expert in the MEL investors affair. The reported the news magazine "profil".

One of Havranek (this was later dismissed as an expert) created from the perspective of the report had led to the arrest of lawyers Meinl Julius Meinl V in 2009. The resulting damage to their image of the Bank have caused damage worth millions - was sued for damages in the amount of 10 million euros.

Last Friday, the procedure was closed at the first Diet, writes "profile". "It was Julius Meinl and Meinl Bank is not possible to justify the action or conclusively to prove the damage," Havránek lawyer Andreas Rabl is quoted. The judgment in the first instance be launched in the coming weeks.