Monday, 15 October 2012

Frank Droyk unlawful arrest case

Unlawful arrest - request for help in the case of Frank Droyk

The German Human Rights Office
asks for your help!
Frank Droyk, Kromlauer Weg 5, 02953 Gablenz member ZEB (Central European citizens), received by the consortium (also: job center) to have the charge related illegal money.
For this purpose he has spoken correctly. The consortium did not agree and now complains against him.

The district court set a trial white water in September 2011.
Frank Droyk delivered on 11.08.2011 a PSE (declaration of marital status), the writing of the membership of the ZEB, and the BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) attached document and the legal capacity required to evidence of Mr. Ralf Rehm judge at the district court.

After a deadline of 7 days there was no answer, no legal evidence and no court date sent.

On 19.09.2011 around 20.00 clock was the arrest.

There are 5 alleged policemen, 3 men and 2 women were involved.
Two names like Rene Zaruba (see picture) and Ms. Balko (not seen).


He had not appeared for the court date.
The warrant was not signed by a judge, but only by a judicial employee.
The alleged police have not disclosed on request.
This filming was our Commissioner, under threat of physical violence by a sending off.

Frank Droyk was taken for identity checks because he has rightly responded that he was not Frank Droyk. You should call him Frank.

On 20.09.2011, he was brought before the magistrate in white water and transferred to the prison in Görlitz, ostensibly to wait for a court date in early October, he does not know. Thus, the testimony of his wife that he was allowed to bring a breakfast on 20/09/2011.

On 20.09.2011 our Commissioner has agreed with Mr. Dresler of the JVA for 16.00 clock an appointment to meet with Frank Droyk.
And he has faxed to the process and power of attorney.
The date was agreed on in advance and confirmed.

At 16.00 clock of Andreas Schubert (Head JVA Görlitz) was informed that the judge has pronounced Rehm from white water an access ban.

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